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In 1987, a small group met at Wilcox Park in Eastown, Grand Rapids.  Soon after, this group named themselves the Grand Rapids Area Greens.  After the 1st Gulf War broke out, the membership grew and as many as 30 people were present at meetings.  In 1993, three members of the core group purchased a house in the East Hills neighborhood of downtown Grand Rapids and named their house the Green House and established a large urban garden.  The Grand Rapids Area Greens continued organizing during the 1990’s but the membership dwindled.  In the 2000’s the name was changed to the Green Party of Kent County and the local became an official Political Party Committee.  The Green Party of Kent County was active throughout the 2010’s, until 2016.  After renaming themselves the Green Party of West Michigan and attempting to reorganize, the Committee was dissolved due to lack of membership.  Little did we know that the 2016 election would change everything and our Green Party Committee would be revived!

- Written by Gerard Akkerhuis, original member.

The Kent County Green Party is once again a registered Political Party Committee in Michigan.  Membership numbers continue to grow as we continue to organize in the community.  We are committed to electing individuals that share our values.  Join the Green Party of Michigan here.

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    Wade Roberts nominated for 109th District

    Wade Roberts - State Representative 109th District

    The November 2017 General Election will have a special election for State Representative in the 109th District. Wade Roberts was nominated at the State Membership Meeting in August. 


    "We need new ideas and a fresh approach to the revitalization of our political system and building a sustainable economy that supports a high quality of life for every resident of this district, regardless of age, identity or belief. I pledge to work tirelessly to make this the reality in the 109th and with your support we can, must and will change the status quo.

    We can lead this state in carbon neutrality, energy independence and true food security, utilizing small scale rain fed organic agricultural techniques, well suited for our relatively sparse and largely rural population and by so doing keep the spending of our many guests circulating and invested in our local and regional economies." 

     -- Wade Roberts

     This GPMI nominee for State Rep of the 109th is about increasing opportunities for small business, families and individuals alike. People before profits with a Green New Deal tailored for the 109th. Join us, Greening UP our district, the "Heart and Soul" of Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

    Click the button below to donate to Wade's CrowdPAC campaign


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  • Cg Andrews
    commented 2017-11-01 23:39:13 -0400
    Green party is my preference lacking a viable socialist party but it’s weak. Weaker than even the run to the right to survive democrat party.
  • Sue Straley
    commented 2017-06-23 22:03:20 -0400
    Green Party is the way to go. Those who care will definitely join.