(Adopted Draft 2/20/17)



                SECTION 1.  NAME – The official name of this chapter, as of [December 5, 2016], is the Green Party of West Michigan (GPWM).  The former official name of GPWM was the Green Party of Kent County and a former unofficial name was the Grand Rapids Area Greens.

                SECTION 2.  MISSION – The mission of GPWM is to work toward a “green” society as represented by the Ten Key Values of the American Green Party Movement, including the Four Pillars of the International Green Party Movement.  The Four Pillars are Ecological Wisdom, Grassroots Democracy, Social and Economic Justice and Nonviolence.  The Ten Key Values are the Four Pillars and additionally those of Community-Based Economics, Decentralization, Respect for Diversity, Gender Equity, Personal and Global Responsibility and Future Focus.

                SECTION 3. STATUS – GPWM is a local chapter and/or Political Party Committee of the Green Party of Michigan.  The Green Party of Michigan is an affiliated state party of the Green Party of the United States.



                SECTION 1. ELIGIBILITY

                                1a. GPWM is composed of individuals who are members of the Green Party of Michigan and, who choose, due to location in West Michigan, to affiliate with GPWM.

                                1b. Membership is open to anyone regardless of cultural, social, biological, economic or political condition.  There are no requirements of gender, ethnicity or any other characteristic in order for a member to hold any position in GPWM.  However, efforts are to be made to promote diversity among members and especially leadership.

                SECTION 2. ABILITIES

                                2a. Members have the exclusive right to vote.  Non-members, except where excluded as per Section 4, may attend meetings, contribute to dialogue and participate in discussions, but may not vote.

                                2b. Members are eligible to attend state meetings and other Green Party of Michigan functions as delegates of GPWM.  GPWM endeavors to send representatives to all State Quarterly Meetings and a delegation to all State Conventions.  If this is not possible, statements of intent should be sent dealing with each agenda item.


SECTION 3. EXPULSION – Members of GPWM may be expelled from GPWM for any behaviors or actions that threaten the good order of GPWM.

                                3a.  When expulsion is proposed, the member in question has the right to a hearing before a General Assembly of GPWM.

                                3b. Expulsion requires a vote of the GPWM in General Assembly as in Article 4 or approved as part of an expulsion proposal as in Article 4.

                                3c. Expulsion entails loss of member status in GPWM.

                SECTION 4. EXCLUSION – Non-members may be excluded from particular GPWM functions for especially disruptive behaviors or actions.

                                4a. When exclusion is proposed, the person in question has the right to a hearing before a Regular Meeting of GPWM.

                                4b. Exclusion requires a vote of GPWM in Regular Meeting as in Article 4 or approved as part of an expulsion proposal as in Section 3.

                                4c. The functions from which non-members may be excluded must be explicitly specified as part of the proposal.



                SECTION 1. CATEGORIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES GPWM elects officers as follows: 

                                1a.  A Chair or two Co-chairs to call, conduct and host regular meetings as well as function as executive(s) in the interim between regular meetings.

                                1b.  A Treasurer to collect, oversee and utilize any funds the group may amass, including for campaign finance and other local, state and federal filing as may be necessary.

                                1c.  A Secretary to record minutes and to maintain a membership list, a current copy of the Bylaws and a media list.  In addition, the Secretary may take, share, or delegate responsibility for distribution of GPWM communications.

                                1d.  Two State Central Committee Delegates having qualifications and duties as defined by the state Bylaws.


                                2a. Officership is restricted to members in good standing.

                                2b. Co-chairs may simultaneously serve as Treasurers or Secretaries, but there will be at all times at least two officers.                           

                                2c. Officers may delegate responsibilities to others as necessary.


SECTION 3. ELECTION – All officers are elected at a regular meetings of members at the beginning of each calendar year or as needed.

                                3a.  Vacancies in officer positions are filled by appointment, by the remaining officers, until an election can be held at the next regular meeting.



                SECTION 1. VOTING – Decisions of GPWM are made by unanimous consensus of ---or failing this, the opinion of a two-thirds majority of---those members present in person or voting by proxy in regular meeting.  Items for consideration may be accepted from any source.  Co-chairs record all items suggested for consideration by members and maintain each item on a list until it has been addressed.

                SECTION 2. PROXY VOTING – Agenda items requiring immediate decisions, if possible, are sent to members at least 5 days before a meeting.  Proxy votes should include reasoning and concerns.  Those members at the meeting should take such reasoning and concerns into consideration, modifying or delaying a vote when appropriate.

                SECTION 3. IMMEDIACY – When decisions are needed in cases where waiting for the next regular meeting is impractical, they are made by the Co-chairs (or by one Co-chair and at least one other officer if the other Co-chair is unavailable), who reports the decisions to the next regular meeting.  Co-chairs, if possible, consult with and obtain agreement from other members in making such decisions, except in extraordinary circumstances when doing so is not possible.  Such decisions are subject to review at the next regular meeting.



                SECTION 1. Regular meetings of GPWM are called at least monthly.  Other meetings and discussions occur as necessary, whether in physical gathering or through appropriate communications.

                SECTION 2. PARTICIPATION – Those unable to attend either, but wish to participate, are contacted by appropriate means.



                SECTION 1. Committees may be appointed or dissolved as necessary by the regular meeting.



                SECTION 1. Funds are raised and spent as the regular meeting dictates.  The Treasurer has responsibility for any accounts maintained by GPWM.

                SECTION 2. DISSOLUTION – In the event of dissolution, if there is no “successor” local to claim the money, the Green Party of Michigan recoups any remaining money.  The Treasurer is directed to refund such money directly to the Treasurer of the Green Party of Michigan.

                SECTION 3. REPORTING – The Treasurer submits a financial report to the regular meeting on a quarterly basis.



                SECTION 1. In order to maintain a flexible, democratic organization most conducive to consensus and friendly relations, all powers not delegated specifically by these Bylaws, and issues not specifically addressed, are dealt with on a situational basis.



                SECTION 1. PROCEDURE – The procedure for obtaining GPWM cooperation with candidate campaigns in local races is as follows:

                                STEP ONE: Candidate agrees to endorse the Four Pillars of the Ten Key Values.

                                STEP TWO: Candidate submits a statement of issues and concerns to GPWM regular meeting.

                                STEP THREE: Regular meeting votes whether to cooperate with Candidate, within the limits set out by election law for elections.


ARTICLE 10. AMENDMENT PROCEDURE                                

                SECTION 1. Amendments to these Bylaws are made by vote in regular meeting as in Article 4.

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